Introduction: Turning a 2.5in Hard Drive Into a Compact Wallet

I hate carrying wallets, they are massive and cumbersome, but it is the only way of carrying my drivers license around. Im not a hugh cash person so all i really need is my license and a credit card.

The idea to is transform a useless 2.5in harddrive into a wallet/safe, i have a box full of 3.5in drives but only one 2.5in that I am willing to break open. its rather old, 6.4GB 4200RPM, so its time to open this baby up.

This is my first instrucatble, so go easy lol

-dead/crappy 2.5inch harddrives
-harddrive mounting screws
-checkbook covers
-small magnets

-screw drivers - I used torx 5,6 and a small PH driver
-exacto knife /

Step 1: Find a Hard Drive

Perhaps the hardest part of it all... you don't want to do this to a brand new HDD, they cost alot, the best place to look for one is on old laptops. crapper the better of course. Personally I wouldn't use anything bigger than 30GB unless they are dead

SSD also works, however they are usually plastic, but they do have more room inside. HDD feels more solid.

This is mine

Step 2: Open the Hard Drive

Most hard drives use torx screws in them, use the right screwdriver, they can be very tight.

SAVE THE MAGNET, you may not be able to use it for this project, but they can fit into your other projects

Step 3: Take Out the Stuff

Step 4: Making the Credit Card Slot

I used 2 checkbook covers, they are transparent so you can see the circuit board behind it for cool-ness

Step 5: Mounting the Card Holder

Theres alot of things you can do on the back, card holder is just one of them. you can probably mount a money clip here too.

Step 6: Secure the Cover

You cant really use screws for the cover, since you need special drivers to open it.

There are a couple ways of doing it, you can make a mechanical hinge like thing and secure it to the mounting ports, and flip it open. or you can do it like I did, use magnets to keep it closed. You might need to use epoxy to glue 1 piece of magnet to the inside, really depends on the hard drive and the layout inside.

MAGNET WARNING: Before you put your credit card in, test the back side and make sure you card won't get demagnetized. Some state's drivers license also has magnetic strips, so be careful. I will not be held responsible for any demagnetized cards

Step 7: Put Stuff In

You are done! the only thing left to do is put stuff in it.

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