"Turning" a Dowel on the Bandsaw for Mortise and Tenon Joint

Introduction: Grab a Larger Dowel Than You Need

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Don your safety gear!

Our goal is to mortise and tenon a dowel in a pinch.

I ran out of 1/4" dowel but I grabbed a 1/2" on so I'll just do a mortise tenon joint with what I have.
Instead of shaving and sanding away the top part of the dowel to 1/4". I'm going to cheat and use my bandsaw.
I'm doing this holistically.

1. Cut a little bit by estimating 1/4". Hold tight as the bandsaw cut down and naturally spins. It will cut too deep or fly off the table if you do not hold on tightly.

Step 1: Cut Lengthwise With the Dowel

You an mark or dowel for cutting towards length of the dowel. You are slowly slicing away 1/4" all around. It won"t be completely uniform.
Thank is ok. Go a little larger than smaller. You can always shave a little off afterward but you cannot gain material back.

Step 2: Make It Look Better

I am going to shape the mortise now by doing the same step previous and running the bandsaw length wise ever so slightly while
turning my dowel.

Mind your drift, mine drifts left so I'm going to accountant for that to the best of my ability.

Step 3: Sand and Finish

This step is optional.

I am going to leave mine jagged with lots of texture since I'm going to pound mortise into the tenon with some glue.

Voila! There you have it.

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