Tutorial: Amulet of Mara

Introduction: Tutorial: Amulet of Mara

Hey guys. So yesterday, I was searching everywhere for a tutorial on how to make an amulet of Mara from skyrim. I could not find any. So, I made one!

I hope you enjoy.

Step 1: What You Will Need:

Materials include clay, and you need at least blue, purple, pink, green, and metallic brass.

I mixed up all of my colors from neons and a couple of metallic browns.

You will also need:

Acrylic paint to mix the correct colors

Jewelry pieces, a box of findings is $5 at Walmart.

Chain for the necklace portion

A paperclip

Various found objects to use as tools; I used a chopstick, a piece of thin metal wire, a candle jar to cut out a piece, a table knife, and a piece of paper to roll things on to keep the colors from mixing.

You also may choose to have a mat underneath as well, to help with cleanup.

Gloves are also a good idea when mixing the paint into the clay.

Step 2: Colors

Mix your colors. I cannot give you a definite guide as I used paint, two kinds of polymer clay, and a lot of trial and error. Go for a dark, smokey brown. A medium blue with a hint of green, and a brassy bronze color with metallic clay (or luster dust added, if you have any.)

My photo is not the best, as we have horrible lighting for photos in my house, but it gives you an idea of how much of each color you might need.

Step 3: Cut Out Your Pieces

Cut a circle as the pendant. You will use this as your guide.

Now, with the same color, lightly trace two circles 1/3 of the size of your first circle. Cut it out, making sure you cut it with 8 sides each.

Trace two more circles, about 2/3 of the size of the circles you just cut. Make sure each has 8 sides when you cut.

Trace and cut two more smaller ones with 8 sides each.

Set aside the brown.

Step 4: Swirl

Make a ball with a brass and brown swirl. Just make a ball with the brass, and roll out the thinnest rope of brown you can make. Wrap the rope around the brass, and roll it around in your hand into an elongated oval. Now push the oval into a sphere. Make the back flat.

Step 5: Grab Your Paperclip

Take the paperclip, and make one end have a hook on it. Bend the other part into a spiral that fits into your largest circle. With a rolling pin, or whatever you were using, roll the spiral into the circle without making the circle lose its shape or thickness. Cut out another piece of brown, thinner than the first, and cut it out to the same size as your circle spiral pendant piece. Place it on top, and pinch the ends together.Smooth out the edges.

Step 6: Finishing the Base of the Pendant

Roll out some brass color and make a small doughnut to go in the center. With a chopstick, flatten out the edges and inside.

Now roll out a thinner rope and with a rolling pin, flatten in. Wrap this around the edge of the circle and smooth into place. Cut tiny little balls and place them at 12 o'clock, 3, 6, and 9. Place two small bells between each, so that in total you have 12.

Step 7: Finish the Pendant.

roll out a piece of blue into a spere, and cut that sphere in half. Place it in to the center area and smooth into place. Now roll out a super long, super thin rope and flatten it with a rolling pin.

Draw the design on a paper, and use that as your guide to make the scroll work. It looks difficult, but it really isn't. Add support pieces to the back of the scroll corners that come off the edge.

Step 8: Finishing the Other Pieces

Make two logs with the brass and set them aside.

Roll out more brass and cut out circles to fit on the other pieces. Make sure the brown edges show through when you put the circles on.

Cut 3 more circles in each circle. Now place the corrospoding circles on their brown bases. Smooth into place.

Roll out the thinnest ropes you can, and make swirls and such on each piece. Follow my photos or get on skyrim to look at one as an idea.

Roll out two semi-thick pieces of brass and roll out two half-shperes of blue. Place the blue on the brass and smooth out.

Insert jewelry findings into each piece. Make sure you can connect the first dings to one another when baking is over.

Bake the pieces as your packaging states.

Step 9: Gluing and Finishing Up

After it is baked, you have to pull the findings out if they are coming out easy, and then glue them in place.

After they have dried, put the necklace together. Use a circle and bar closure if you have trouble with the clip kinds.

Coat with a layer of mineral wax and let it soak it in. Wipe away the access.

If you would like, you can add a clear coat to the final piece. I was going to, but I didn't bother to at the end.

Let it dry for a few days before using, to ensure the glue has set up.

If you have a 3D printer (like I wish I had) you could easily make one that way. If I had one, I know I would be making 19th century items(such as hair combs and jewelry), as well as skyrim things.

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial. If you liked it, please vote!

Step 10: Final Images

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