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Introduction: Tutorial SCARY CLOWN Makeup + Costume + Hair

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While I'm counting down for Halloween, I decided I could make this cool, yet cute clown costume to sooth my and hopefully your Halloween spirit a little bit.

For this costume, I show you how to recreate this super easy clown look, with things you probably already have laying around your home:)

For an easier explanation watch my video where I explain everything while showing it as well : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pGpXnoVQX2o&t=2s

Step 1: The Base

So, to make a base for the upcoming makeup part I started with a thin layer of foundation, then I just covered my whole face with white face paint. If you want this to stay on for the whole night I also recommend you concealing the face paint with either a white or translucent powder:)

Now we can start to draw on our eyebrows, so start with combing all your hairs in a straight direction to your ear. After that I took a blue metallic eyeliner and drawed on three points/lines, one on the tail, one on the arch and one in the front. After you have drawn them on you can connect them with straight lines, then just fill in your new eyebrows.

Now take a blue eyeshadow onto your eyelids and blend it up into your crease. After that take a black eyeshadow and blend that into the crease to make it stand out more.

If you want to give your eyes, even more, definition take a black eyeliner and line your top and bottom lashline. I also took this eyeliner out to a wing on both the outer and the inner corner. Aaaand if you are super bad at putting on eyeliner don't worry because we are going to smudge it out with a black eyeshadow;)

Step 2: The Eyes

So keep. on working on your eyes, we are going to make that teardrop looking shape underneath them. Start with taking a black eyeliner and drag them together to a point underneath your eyes, then just fil that in with the eyeliner and pack on some black eyeshadow for a more pigmented shade.

Extending the drop shape, take the blue eyeliner we used to our eyebrows and make the shape a little longer with adding an extra point to the end. Fill that in with the blue eyeliner, and then blend the blue and black together with black eyeshadow (make sure to don't cover the blue eyeliner completely, the black eyeshadow is just there to make it a more subtle transition in the colours;)

For some more details take the black eyeliner and draw on a tiny cute heart on the point of the teardrop, do this on both sides. Then you can use the same eyeliner to make three dots on each point on your eyebrows.

Step 3: The Nose and Lips

So for our cute nose, you are going to draw on a little heart with a red lip liner. Then I filled that in with a lipstick and a tiny eyeshadow brush.

Using that same lipstick I am overlining my lips and filling them in, so my nose and lips are the same color.

Once again we need some more definition, so go in with a black eyeshadow and pack on a little bit on both nose and lips. For the last step take a black eyeliner and outline the red nose, and you're red already overlined lips.

Step 4: Contour and Lashes

For the last steps on the makeup. you can go in with the black eyeshadow and a bigger brush and contour the places you usually would. I contoured my cheekbones, forehead, chin, nose, underlip and also don't forget your neck and your collarbone.

Now if you want it to look like you have extra big eyes, you can apply a pair of some really big and volumes fake lashes. I took the biggest ones I had.

After that, the makeup look is done, and we can move over to the hair!

Step 5: The Hair

For the hair, I am taking it out and brushing through my curls. Then I split the hair in a side part and made two pigtails on each side of my hair. When you are making the second one remember to leave a little piece of your front hair down.

Now we are going to take that front piece and curl it in a really tight curl. To achieve this hold the curl in the curling wand for a bit longer than you usually do, but make sure to don't burn off your hair;) When you have your little curl take a bobby pin and pin it up so it looks like you have a short bang hanging down.

For the rest of the hair, try to curl it in pretty big, tight and few curls. After that set it with the hairspray and your hair is done.

Step 6: The Costume

Onto the costume, just put on a black t-shirt, a suit jacket, and a pair of black jeans. I had this pair of short suit pants laying around so I just used them.

For the clown flower, I took a fake flower and cut off a part of the stem, and then I taped it to the jacket.

Now onto the classic bow, I didn't have any bow to use, so I took a piece of fabric I had and tied it in a bow around my neck:)

For socks/leggings take a red pair and pair it with some black shoes.

Step 7: Your Done!!

I hope you liked the tutorial and maybe got some inspiration for what you can be on Halloween!

If you liked it, but maybe didn't get the whole thing you can watch my video for an even more detailed explanation:)


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    Nice. It would be even better if you had a small music player on you that was playing quiet circus music.


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    Thank you for the tip!