Tutorial: Beaded Collar Necklace




Introduction: Tutorial: Beaded Collar Necklace

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Hello! I want to share with you the pattern of beaded collar necklace wich i drew. It can be made of any material, pearls or Swarovski crystals... You can also watch a free video tutorial on my youtube channel.

Step 1: The Material That We Need:

The material that we need:

- beads 4x3mm - 449 pcs.;

- seed beads №10 - 25g.;

- bead drop 10x15mm - 14 pcs.;

- beads 8mm - 15 pcs.;

- fishline or fireline diameter of 0.25mm;

- bead needle and scissors.

Step 2: Pattern

Make the basics of the necklace. Then add to the base seed beads (waves). The pattern shows the number of seed beads in each row.

Step 3: Watch Tutorial

This video is in russian language, but have subtitles, which you can auto translate in player in any language. Just look for translation in the settings.If for some reason player didn't work, you can watch on youtube.

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