Tutorial for DC Gear Motor With Encoder




Introduction: Tutorial for DC Gear Motor With Encoder


The 12V DC Gear Motor 166RPMw/Encoder is a Gear Motor w/Encoder. These units have a 0.61'' long, 6 mm-diameter D-shaped output shaft. This motor is intended for use at 12V, though the motor can begin rotating at voltages as low as 1V. This motor is an ideal option for mobile robot projects.


  • 12V DC Gear Motor
  • Torque:4.5kg/cm (No load)
  • Speed: RPM166Current:240mA

Step 1: Material Preparations

In this tutorial, you needs:

1. Arduino Mega2560

2. Monster Motor Shield

3. 12V DC Gear Motor with Encoder

4. Potentiometer

5. LCD (16x2)

6. Push Button

Step 2: Connect Arduino to Computer

After complete your circuit, connect your Arduino Mega Board to your computer via USB Cable. You can see that your LCD will on.

Step 3: Sample Source Code

You may download the library and sample source code and open it on your Arduino IDE. Choose the correct board and port. Then, upload your Code into your Arduino Mega Board.

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    6 months ago

    Hello the Instructable Experts,

    It is my pleasure to meet you all. I am looking for someone to help me write a code to drive a project I am working on in School using Python Language.

    At first, I was so excited to work with RaspberryPi4 for my school project (Autonomous Robot for Leak Detection in a Dry Metallic Pipeline. I started with programming the Ultrasonic sensors, Camera, LEDs etc. However, I am getting a bit traumatized because I have not been able to program the controller to be able to drive 2 pairs of DC geared motors with encoders and 2 pairs of 298N Motor Driver shield which I bought with a Mecanum Wheel. I am running late to submission date. I don’t know if anyone could show me similar work done with these componentsa or be able to look at my code and suggest possible ways to get me back on track. Thank you. Please help me.

    Materials used:
    1.Raspberry Pi 4 Model B – Raspberry Pi
    2.JGA25-371 DC Gearmotor with Encoder (126 RPM at 12 V) | Open ImpulseOpen Impulse
    3. Two pairs of L298N Driver Board Module
    4.Mecanum wheel chassis DC motor car chassis with shock absorption omnidirectional mobile ROS flat DIY robot t