Tutorial of Colorful Shell Ear Studs

Introduction: Tutorial of Colorful Shell Ear Studs

About: Hi, guys! I love making tiny things by myself, once, I had a chance to make a pair of earrings for my friends, and she love it so much, so after that, I love putting beads and jewelry supplies together to make…

It is almost the simplest ear studs I’ve ever made! The whole procedure lasts for about one minute except the time of waiting, really. Thus I have made three pair of shell ear studs in different color.

Step 1:


Shell Pendants

Ear Stud Components


Nail Polish

Glue Gun

Step 2:

Use the nail polish to dye the shells into a favorite color.

Here I choose blue as a sample.

Step 3:

Wait until the nail polish being dry.

Glue the ear stud components and shells together with glue guns.

Then the shell ear studs are finished!

Step 4:

Repeat the steps above and change the color of nail polish, and we can get another pair of shell ear studs.

We can wear in different colors on the left and right ears at the same time, and that would be cool!

Itis really easy and just try it!

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