Tutu Pele



Introduction: Tutu Pele

Using acrylic, elmers glue, water, some coconut oil and some broken glass to create this canvas called "Tutu Pele" in honor of the flowing Lava on the Big Island of Hawaii

Tutu Pele in action

Tutu Pele in action

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Step 1: Prep Canvas

Paint whole canvas black (Spray paint ok or Acrylic)

I glued broken glass pieces in a mountain shape after I painted the canvas

Step 2: Mix Paints

  1. Mix yellow, black, white, red & orange
  2. Mix each color with glue, water & a squirt of coconut oil (2:1 glue:water ratio)
  3. Mix til the paint and glue are blended and semi runny consistency
  4. add more color to get the desired color
  5. in a larger cup pour some black in the bottom (add more coconut oil in between every three colors, then white, red, yellow, orange, and then in any order til all paints are in big cup.

Step 3: Flip Cup

Turn canvas face down on cup and flip over

Let paint leak out sides for about 20 seconds and then give the cup a slight lift and swipe across the canvas.

Step 4: Heat

heat entire paint surface with small torch and then more canvas from side to side, top to bottom to flow paint around, heat and then do again until all edges are covered

You may also blow cells open with a straw if desired

Step 5: Dry

Once paint is in desired location place on level surface to dry for 24hours or more & then I covered in resin but not necessary

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