Introduction: Tweet at Your Place! (the Analog Way)

It is impressive how easy is to connect with people through online platforms like Facebook or Twitter. Nowadays we broadcast our lives to the world through microblogging or status messages. Of course the global village presents endless beautiful consequences, but at the same time, the more interconnected we are while using these platforms, the less connected we are to the people that surrounds us in our everyday life.

Some decades ago, people lives were interrelated with their neighbours, while now our cell phones, as well as our online platforms create the paradox or being more strongly connected with more distant people than with our neighbours. This easy to make DIY project pretends to blend the beautiful things of both worlds: connectivity with the people that surrounds us.

We live in neighborhoods that are composed not only by houses, but also by people. Nevertheless our relation to them is often nearly non-existent. The paradox of being easier to broadcast a status message about us to the whole world through tweeter as opposed to the difficulty of expressing our ideas to the people that literally surrounds us is at stake.

Tweet at your place is a DIY kit to allows you to microbolg (like we do on Twitter) in the facades of our homes in a completely “analog” way.

Step 1: What You Need

This is a really simple and cheap kit in terms of components. You need:

- Dry Erase markers to write your messages.
- Rubbing Alcohol to erase them (and write new ones).
- Any old piece of cloth to erase the messages using the Rubbing Alcohol.
- 2 pieces of String, to hang the piece of acrylic to your window.
- A Drill to make 2 little holes in the Acrylic (for the string)
- Finally, the most important piece, the Board: A Polypropylene Sheet 1/16" Thick, 24" X 36" (dimensions can vary depending on the size of your windows), Translucent White or Opaque White.

Most elements can be purchased in anywhere. The acrylic boar can be purchased online in places like:

Step 2: Construction

 The only manual work you need to do (beyond writing the messages when you are using it, of course, is to drill 2 little holes on the top of the acrylic to hang it from your window.

The diameter of the wholes depends on the kind of string you have to hang it.

Step 3: Tweet at Your Place!

Just one more thing!

Write messages on the board! (and use the cloth+alcohol to erase them later) and hang it from your window!