Introduction: Tweezer-o-Meter

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In this Project we will be making a Type of SMD Multimeter to measure values easily instead of probing a component with a Big Multimeter which is sometimes difficult to accomplish and is a hassle.

Step 1: Materials Required

1. Arduino pro mini


3. Neodymium Magnets

4. Perf board

5. INA 219 Current Sensor

6. Voltage Sensor

7. Resistors

8. Small Buzzer

9. Small Battery

10. DIP Switch Socket

11. Boost Converter

12. Switch

Step 2: The Tweezer

Begin with the tweezer itself and cut one side of its prongs so that there's no conductivity between the probes.

Attach a neodymium magnet to kind of restore the tweezer. I used Two small square magnets glued them to each other stuck one set to the prong and one to the tweezer. I used a combination of epoxy and superglue to hold the magnets permanently.

Step 3: Display

A small Oled Display Will Display The Readings Obtained.

Therefore Solder it to the perfboard like so.

Step 4: Wiring

The wiring for this Project is a little complicated as many components need to be mounted on a small perf board. I have mounted my components in an orderly manner so as to maximize and cover the entire perf board with the needed components for this build.

The detailed wiring is attached. Feel free to use it as a reference while soldering the components.

Always Check for Shorts Before powering up the board.

Step 5: Code

As any Build code is an important part attached is the code for the voltage, current, resistance and continuity For the microcontroller.

Step 6: Success

The multimeter can now measure resistor value 's, continuity, current, voltage and also can provide voltage for testing SMD Led's and other small components .It is a simple DIY Version which costs less than 7-10 Dollars to make compared to the one available in market for more than 70 -80 Dollars.

You can toggle the Small DIP Switch socket for different Modes.

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