Introduction: #twiSkirt : Inexpensive No-sew Womenswear From Men's Shirts DIY

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Many Greetings and Welcome to twiskirt DIY.

twiskirt simply means - the skirt that's characterised by twisting :D

You need

2 same size full sleeve Men's shirts of your choice. A few safety pins.

I reused the shirts from charity shops / unclaimed giveaway from dry-cleaning shops.

In this DIY, you can learn to make this skirt that is :

  • No-sew
  • No-cut
  • hence, completely re-usable
  • ready in a few minutes.
  • Skill level - Beginner / enthusiast

There's more,

  • You can chose colour, pattern of your interest
  • That means not being dependent on the trends, fashion season and so on.
  • It costs nothing, especially if you re-use the shirts. You can find large variety of Men's shirts in any charity/ thrift store.
  • The material is generally cotton, wearable in all seasons.

I believe that fashion is a great medium to express who you are, and what's even more exciting is when you can it make it yourself, in minutes !

Let's make it !!!

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* I strongly believe DIY culture can empower the users and positively change the future of many fields including fashion and technology.

Step 1: Button and Wear

  • Button the shirts to each other
  • Wear them on the waist keeping buttons on the sides.

Size-guide - 8/10 = Medium shirt , 12/14 = Large shirt, 16/18 = XLarge shirt

* I wore waist belt to fasten the collars to my size And I used size Large.

* I recommend using mannequin while draping, especially for pinning steps that come later.

Step 2: Twist Sleeves

  1. Twist front sleeve in inward motion and hold.
  2. Twist back sleeve in the same way and hold in other hand.

**twist sleeve from top to bottom. The uniform the twist, the better.

Step 3: Button and Fold the Cuffs. Repeat on Other Side

3. Button the cuffs of twisted sleeves.

4. Fold the cuffs at fold line to form round edge detail

5. Repeat 1,2,3 & 4 on other side

Step 4: Pull Out the Corners and Rest on the Twisted Sleeves

6. Pull the shirt corners out from the sides and rest on the twisted sleeves.

** This step gives nice large volume to the skirt. You might need minor adjustments.

And It's ready ! It's really fun and comfortable to wear this skirt.

Step 5: Pinning @ Position 1,2,3

Pinning is optional but I highly recommend it. It holds the draping in shape despite any possible movement.

Also, using wrinkle-free cotton shirts will make the drape look fluid and playful.

*refer video in the beginning of this instructable for pinning at these 3 positions.

Step 6: Style It the Way You Like. It's Your Creation

I made it in blue stripes/ yellow tartan plaid / blue check patterns, as well as in all-black (Yohji Yamamoto inspired ;)

I feel, more you play with it, better it gets !

If you try twiSkirt, it would be great to see your creation.

Do share comments/ suggestion to make this better and more relevant.

Before and After Contest

I believe Men's shirts are re-used, re-purposed and re-invented into twiSkirt, i.e. No-sew Women's skirt.

The interesting fact is that the shirts can again be restored as shirts which makes it doubly re-usable.

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Credits :

Step Photos : Vishu

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