Introduction: Twine Ball Lamp Shades

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Spring has sprung! Revamp your outdoor decor with these DIY twine lamp shades. Transforms your traditional christmas lights into ambient spring and summer lights.

Step 1: Gather Your Materials

Cotton twine

Mod Podge


plastic wrap

spray paint (I used Krylon Metallic Gold)

paint brush or foam brush

christmas lights

Step 2: Wrap, Wind, Wait.

Next, you will inflate the balloons to your desired size.

Wrap each balloon in plastic wrap.

Wind the twine around each balloon and over the plastic wrap. (Don't worry about cleaning up the ends, you can trim them after drying.)

Use a paint brush or foam brush to paint the Mod Podge over the twine. Be generous! The more Mod Podge, the stiffer the shades with dry.

Now you must wait for the Mod Podge to dry. I suggest waiting overnight to achieve the best results.

Step 3: Pop and Paint!

After your Mod Podge dries, you will pop each ballon and pull out the balloon and plastic wrap from the interior.

I suggest first pushing into the balloon at the openings to pull the plastic wrap away from the twine. The Mod Podge might dry and adhere to the plastic wrap.

Afterwards, spray the twine shades with your selected spray paint.

Step 4: Almost Done!

Once your lamp shades are done drying, you can string them onto the christmas lights.

Find the larger gaps in the twine and stuff several light bulbs into each lamp shade. Continue this process, stringing the lamp shades along the lights.

You can choose how to use them. Lined in a row, placed in a bowl, or strung across a balcony.

Step 5: ​Now That Your Christmas Lights Can Be Used All Year Round, Enjoy!