Twinkling LED Ribbon Necklace.

Introduction: Twinkling LED Ribbon Necklace.

In this instructable we will show you how to make a ribbon necklace embedded with blinking LEDs. The LEDs are powered by a coin cell through conductive thread and it is controlled by a LilyTiny microcontroller board. Since the LilyTiny comes with pre-programmed LED blink patterns you need not do any coding at all! Plus the electronics involved is quite simple to implement. This is a simple and effective introduction into wearable electronics for beginners!

Step 1: Materials Required

1. Ribbons (colors of your choice)
2. LEDs (colors of your choice)
3. Needle
4. Sewing Thread
5. Conductive Thread
6. Scissors
7. Round nose plier
8. Beads
9. Transparent nail polish (Optional)
10. Lily Tiny
11. 3 V Coin Cell 
12. Lily-pad coin cell battery holder.
13. Transparent Cello-Tape.

Step 2: Setting Up the Power Supply

1. Sew the positive terminal of the Lily Tiny to the positive terminal of the Battery using conductive thread. (Fig.1)
2. Do the same for the negative terminals as well.

Insulate the connection using transparent nail polish or transparent Scotch/Sello-tape. (Fig.2)

Now the connection is ready! 

Note: You should be careful that the connection does not short- circuit, make sure that the connection is proper so as to avoid loose contact. Also be careful about the polarity of the connection. If you accidentally switch the direction of  current flow in the system the LilyTiny board could get damaged.

Step 3: Making the Necklace

1. Take a 2 meter long ribbon of your choice and pull it out through the battery holder in such a way that the battery connection is not
     lost and tie it across the center of the ribbon. (Fig.1)

2. To get connections from all the pins of Lily-Tiny, sew each of the pins to the ribbon using a conductive thread. (Fig.3)

3. Make a pattern on 2 sides of the ribbon using beads. (Fig.4)

Step 4: Making the Ribbon Flower

There are few techniques to make ribbon flower. Here I have used a simple technique to make ribbon flowers for the pendant (ref,-Satin-or-Ribbon-Roses)

After making the flower, insert an LED s in to the center of the flower.

Note: There are 4 INPUT pins for a Lily tiny, but here we have used only 3. So made 3 flowers.

Refer to this tutorial for an indepth introduction to the Lilytwinkle board (which is the same as the Lilytiny except for the blink patterns available)

Step 5: Making Connections

1. Using a round nose plier, make a small loop in the negative terminal of the LED. (Before making the loop, first cut the leg of the
     LED leaving the length required for making the loop.) 

2. Now sew all the negative terminals to negative of the battery holder using conductive thread..

3. Using a round nose plier, make a small loop in the positive terminal of the LED. 

4. Now take each positive leg of LED and sew it with each pin connections (Mentioned in '2' of STEP: 3)

Now your jewelry is ready. Put the coin cell battery in to the battery holder to make the LEDs glow.

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