Introduction: Twinkling Stars Chibitronics Card

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This fun card uses Chibitronics circuit stickers to create a starry night sky.

This card was designed for our card making workshop with the Yukon Letter Writing Club. The circuit stickers were generously provided by Chibitronics.

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Step 1: Materials

For this card you will need:

Step 2: Make the Card

Fold your sheet of cardstock in half.

Fold it in half again so you now have an invitation-sized greeting card. Cut along one folded edge to the center, to create a flap that will go behind the front of the card.

Design the image for the front of your card. Mark where you want your lights and cut through the card front and flap.

Step 3: Add LED and Effect Stickers

Using the circuit diagram (attached file) as a guide, apply the copper tape and chibitronics stickers to the card.

For the best results, use one long piece of copper tape and fold around corners to avoid tearing around corners.

The Chibitronics stickers should go on top of the copper tape (the adhesive on the back of these stickers are conductive).

Test to make sure the circuit works by folding the card over and connecting the positive and negative ends of the circuit to the battery.

Tape the battery in place. Be careful to ensure that the negative side maintains contact with the copper tape. The positive side will only come in contact when you 'press here'.

You can use regular tape over top of any part of this circuit to make sure that everything holds in place well and has a good connection.

Step 4: Fold

Fold the card as shown in the pictures.

The middle piece of card protects the copper tape from coming in contact with itself and shorting out the circuit. The flap cut in this card acts as a spring so that the circuit only connects when you press down on the front of the card (putting the copper tape in contact with the battery).

Step 5: Decorate

Decorate the card as desired with pencil crayons, pieces of cardstock, etc. Be creative!

This Yukon-inspired card shows two wolves howling at the northern lights and a starry sky. The wolves were drawn with silver pen and the snow was created by adding a piece of white cardstock.

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