Introduction: Twist Stool


Step 1: TWISTAB Original

TWISTAB is a versatile flatpack designed for stools and tables, which allows easy manufacturing

using CNC milling capabilities in your locally area. Users and developers have full freedom to tweak the design of the legs and the shape of the seat.

Step 2: Manipulating the Design in Illustrator

Step 3: Modelling It in Rhinoceros to Add Different Layers

The layers are an important part of modeling the file in Rhino. The milling software needs to be specified specific cuts for specific layers. For internal cuts, it is important to draw bridges so that the mill does not cut through the whole piece which might move the base layer and mess up the design.

Step 4: CNC Milling

Step 5: Top View

The arrangement makes it easy to assemble the sit top

Step 6: Sit Cover

Step 7: The Twist Stool

Step 8: