Twist Wire Fast! (and Make Things Like Bubble Blowers)




Introduction: Twist Wire Fast! (and Make Things Like Bubble Blowers)

Using a drill you can twist wire very fast for all kinds of projects. This is great for lots of decorative wire projects, bubble blowers, jewelry, holders, etc. I like to make handles for small tools with this technique. The twist gives you a good grip.

Step 1: Supplies

Copper Wire
Wash Cloth
Something stable to attach the wire to (I used a stool leg. Pick something that you can slide the cloth off of!)

Step 2: Attach Wire

Wrap your wash cloth around the stool leg.
Take a long length of wire(I used about 4 feet) and twist it once around cloth to get everything to stay in place.
Place the two ends of wire together and bend over to form a hook.
Place hook in the mouth of the drill and close the drill around the wire firmly. (My drill clicks when I can't tighten it any further.)

Step 3: Twisting Time

Firmly hold your drill and turn it on so that it drills slowly.
The wire will begin to shorten and you will feel it pulling you forward a bit. If you give the wire slack it will twist loosely, if you hang on tight it will twist tightly.
The wire will begin to warm up due to friction. Eventually the friction and the tightness of the wire will snap the wire off by the washcloth. If you don't want it to snap off let the wire rest when it gets warm to cool it, then twist more. Or stop where you are and slide it off the stool leg.

Step 4: Let's Twist Again!

For an even thicker twist you can follow the last steps with the wire you already twisted, or add more wire!
When using thicker batches you may need to go slower on the twisting or risk snapping the wire before you want it to snap.

Step 5: Now for Something Extra!

You can use your newly found wire twisting technique for making sweet one of a kind bubble blowers!

Take your twisted wire and bend it at least 3 inches away from one end at a 90 degree angle.
Form a circle, making sure the circle continues about 1/2 inch beyond the stem of the wire.
Wrap the 1/2 inch of extra wire around the stem using some pliers, making sure the end is tucked down well. You can sand it if it is sharp.
Bend the other end of the wire in on itself to tuck away the sharp end. OR! Form a second bubble blower on it. :)
Here are some bubble recipes.

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    14 years ago on Introduction

    If you use the reverse function of the drill when you do a 2nd twist on the wire, it will look like rope. So, go clockwise on the first (twist 2 wires together) and anticlockwise on the 2nd (twist it back on itself). This is how rope is made, although they usually use three or more strands. Also useful to know if you like doing your hair like this, ha ha.


    14 years ago on Introduction

    Thank you. This should be useful.