Introduction: Twisted Emergency Lighter

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For years I've attempted to quit smoking, trying all kinds of crazy methods with very little success. A couple years ago I was interested in the "Vape" culture and tried the "Ego Twist" (a variable voltage e-cigarette), consisting of a charger, a rechargeable battery, a resistance coil, and a tank. Well I tried it faithfully for a couple of months and of course like most of these tries, this little device and it's charger ended up in the drawer. Until tonight when my wife took my lighter and I wasn't in a position to run to the store. Born out of necessity the "Twisted Emergency Lighter"

Step 1: Tools and Supplies


Needle Nose Pliers (however in retrospect a pair of tweezers would have probably worked too).


Ego Twist Battery (charger usually comes with the battery),

Atomizer (in my case I have an "Aspire Clearomizer" clone).

If your like me you probably have a box full of nasty burnt tasting atomizer coils laying around that still have some good resistance left (I know I'll find a use for these someday?).

No just go to any gas station or dollar store practically these day and get a whole kit for around $20.00.

Step 2: Safety First!!!

Separate the atomizer from the battery to avoid accidentally hitting the button and firing the coil. Just simply unscrew the battery and now your ready to disassemble the atomizer.

Step 3: Disassembly

Don't rush! Breaking the coil ruins the atomizer and you'll have to start over. Bending the coil spring causing it to touch will lower the resistance overloading the battery, normally just burning up the coil. However there is a worst case scenario; the battery explodes! It's never happened to me yet (but anyone who has seen the exploding vape battery video knows there's a slim chance).

Unscrew the tank from the atomizer.

Remove the plastic retaining ring from over the vapor wick tube.

Remove the vapor tube by gently pulling up and away from the wick and coil.

Using the needle nose pliers (or the tweezers) gently start pulling and twisting the wick from the side of the coil sliding it out. Make sure you get all of the wick out.

Take a close look inside the atomizer, you should see something that looks like a little spring in the middle (making sure all the rings of the coil spring are not touching).

Your almost ready to start firing!

Step 4: FIRE!!!

Screw the wick free atomizer back on the battery and press the fire button.

You should see a nice bright orange glow coming from that little spring.

Step 5: Ready to Go!

You now have a rechargeable emergency lighter capable of getting a fire started with just a little paper.

Safety Tip #1: Use the old tank as a screw on cap to protect the coil, when it's traveling in your bug out bag, or just dropped in your pocket.

Safety Tip #2: Remember to do the five (5) quick button pushes to turn off the battery when not in use.

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