Introduction: Twisted Pentagonal Prism Pencil Holder

This is a guide on how to make one

Step 1: Glue a Blank A4 Paper Onto High Impact Polystyrene

Put the paper onto the corner as shown

Step 2: Set a Protractor As Shown and Make a Mark at 70º

Step 3: Draw a 15cm Long Vertical Line

Make sure it lines up with the Mark your protractor made

Step 4: Make Another Line As Shown

Make the line on top of your angled sides. Be sure that this line is straight and going all the way across the paper, as it will make it easier to make angled rectangles.

Step 5: Make a 5cm Measurement As Shown

Start at the top of your vertical line

Step 6: Make Another Mark Angled at 70 Degrees, Starting From the 5cm Mark You Made

This will help make your angled rectangle

Step 7: Make Another Line From the Mark As Shown

This will complete 1 angled rectangle

Step 8: Make 4 More Angled Rectangles With the Same Measurements

Step 9: Cut Out All of Your Angled Rectangles

Step 10: Make a Diagonal Line As Shown on All of the Recrangles

Make sure all the lines are going the same direction

Step 11: Cut Across the Diagonal Line

Step 12: Making a Pentagon. Make a 5cm Line

Make sure the sides of the pentagon are the same width as the angled rectangles. Each angle should be 108 degrees to make the perfect pentagon

Step 13: Line Up a Protractor at 108º and Make Another Line

Set up as shown.

Step 14: Repeat 3 More Times Until You Have a Pentagon

Step 15: Cut the Pentagon Out

Step 16: Tape One Triangle Onto Each Side of the Pentagon

Make sure the tape is on the outside of the mold so it doesnt leave a mark. Also make sure that all of the triangles are facing the same way so when you twist the design it will twist and make a pentagonal prism. Do as shown onto all sides of the pentagon

Step 17: Tape the Remaining Half Squares As Shown

Make sure it isnt flush on, so that it makes a twisted form

Step 18: Repeat Again and Again Untill You Have a Core That Looks Somewhat Like This

Step 19: Put on Another Layer of Tape

It is recommended to put a layer of tape around the design so it doesn't flatten out when you put plaster in it

Step 20: Make a New Pentagon at Least 2 Centimeters Smaller

This is for the core.This means you repeat the steps from earlier to make a pyramid, but instead of making it 5cm per side make it 3cm per side

Step 21: Make a Mark at Half the Length of Your Pentagonal Side

Make a line of your choice as shown. This will impact the height of your core

Step 22: Connect the Top of Your Line to the 2 Sides of Your Horizontal Line to Make a Triangle

Step 23: Make 4 New Triangles That Have the Same Sized Base As the Side of Your Pentagon, in This Case 3cm

Make sure all 5 triangles are the same height

Step 24: Tape All of Your Triangles Onto Your Pentagon and Fold

Try putting tape onto the

Step 25: Mix 10 and a Half Cups of Plaster Into 7 Cups of Water and Stir

Step 26: Pour the Plaster 4/5th of the Way Into the Mold and Then Centre the Core With Each Point of the Core Pentagon Lining Up With the Molds Pentagon

Step 27: Wait at Least 24 Hours and Then Take the Plastered Product Out.