Introduction: Twitter Radio Using 1Sheeld and Arduino Uno

Have you ever thought when listening to the news on the radio that most of the news titles you were not interested, and you've waited like for 10 mins to listen only to one or a couple of news that you 're interested in. Now with twitter radio you can listen to only news you 're interested in by configuring your mobile phone to track specific kind of news and get it heard from twitter.

Step 1: Tools

  1. Arduino Uno
  2. One Sheeld board, more about 1Sheeld
  3. small breadboard
  4. push button
  5. LED lamp
  6. 2k resistor
  7. wires or jumpers

Step 2: Download 1Sheeld Mobile Application

for iOS download here

for Andriod download here

Step 3: Run Code on Arduino

Download 1Sheeld library from here

Insert the library file in your Arduino IDE

I've shared the code on you can copy and paste onto your Arduino IDE from here


in the lines 94,100,106 you will find string "rio", change it to the keyword that you want to follow on twitter.

example: to follow breaking news, you can follow "breaking" by writing it in three above lines instead of "rio"

Step 4: Connect the Circuit According to the Schematic Provided

Step 5: Connect With the Application on Your Mobile

Press scan and you will see the available list of sheelds

Choose your one, and enable the Buzzer, Terminal, Twitter and Text to speech and as you see Press the shield icon on the top right of the app, You are now connected with the Onesheeld.

press on twitter shield in the app. and login with your twitter account.

Step 6: Turn on and Enjoy :)

Press the push-button and the radio starts on

once a tweet with the matched keyword published on twitter, you will hear your phone saying it.

press the push-button again to turn off.