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Introduction: Twitter Enabled Candy Machine

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Give away candy is a twitter enabled candy machine built by me and @sidpiraya

Tweet " give @_macke_ candy " or " give @Sidpiraya candy "  to give us candy and you can see it live at

  • Candy machine - Carousel Jukebox Gumball Machine
  • Servo - full rotation
  • Servo controller - we using a USB servo controller
  • Epoxy
  • Computer
The machine is a candy machine that we modified by glued a continuous full-rotation servo motor to ,see picture , and placed a servo contoler in.

How dos it work?
The computer has a ruby script that listens to twitters streaming api on mentions of @_macke_ and @sidpiraya. When receiving a message we use a regular expression to see if it contains “give” and “candy”. On a successful match the ruby script open a connection to a telnet server written in python that send a command to the servo controller.
Then the ruby script sends a message to the web page to display the last tweet. 

If you are interested in the history of the candy machine you can read about it at Sidpirayas blog

Have fun giving us candy =)

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    10 years ago on Introduction

    why not try a juke box which listens for the name of a song and artist and searches the music library for a match and plays it


    10 years ago on Introduction

    This seems to have potential at our wildlife reserve in Nicaragua. Thanks. What I would like us to do is when a person texts a donation to us, it instructs the candy dispenser to provide a gift AND twitter that "phone number" has donated "the amount".