Introduction: Two-Angle Adjustable K'NEX IPad Stand

This is my first post for a useful something (I hope!). I know there had been many K'NEX iPad Stand posted but this is also my design that I use daily and my daughters called "awesome", so it's worth posting I suppose.

The construction is simple using minimal rods and connectors. The design is more advantageous when placing the iPad in landscape (sideways) position than portrait (upright) position because of a compromise to discard the use of iPad pin (in upright position) for strength of the front support. The stand has two angles adjusted for some viewing positions without removing any component and re-attaching to another. I did not consider also that K'NEX can scratch the surface of the iPad so I did not use any rubberized component especially for contact points, nonetheless I am hopeful that scratches won't happen (and I also use a protector for my iPad so scratches are not a problem for me). My wife also used this stand, she is using iPad Air and mine is iPad 2.

Components (Standard Size K'NEX Parts)

3 Green Rods

18 White Rods

8 Blue Rods

2 Red Rods (mine is colored metallic green, this is the 2nd longest rod - next to gray)

2 Gray Rods

2 Gray Connectors

7 Red Connectors

2 Yellow Connectors (mine is colored Gray, this is a half-circle connector)

3 White Connectors

9 Blue Connectors

9 Purple Connectors

2 Blue Fillers

Note: My K'NEX parts comes from several generations and I might have used colors that are non-standard. The above colors are based on a K'NEX Fan Site specifications. I specify the color that I actually used alongside the "standard".

Step 1: Building the Base

A. Build all Blue and Purple Connectors forming Nine (9) pieces in all (Picture 2)

B. Attach the rods as shown on Pictures 3 to 5. Take note of the orientation of the two pieces on Picture 5.

C. Connect green rod to red connector forming three (3) pieces in all (Picture 7), and attach them on the 45 degree slot of the purple connector facing front (Picture 8). Snap one gray rod on the three red connectors' top slots (Picture 9).

Step 2: Building the Adjustable Support

A. Attach two white rods on both 45-degree slots in one yellow connector (light gray connector in Picture 1-B). Snap one red rod on three red connectors (metallic green rod in Picture 1-B).

B. Attach the White Rods-Yellow Connector pieces in Step 2-A to the base facing the lone white connector as shown in Picture 2-B and Picture 3-B.

C. Build pieces as shown in Picture 4-B, then snap the two white connector to the piece made in Picture 1-B as shown in Picture 5-B.

D. With the piece formed in Picture 5-B, insert the red rod (metallic green in Picture 6-B) into the center hole of the white connector with the red connectors facing front; placing a blue filler in between the white and center hole of the yellow (light gray in Picture 6-B) connector, doing this on both sides. Attach gray connector on the ends of the red (metallic green) rod.

E. Snap one red (metallic green) rod on the top 45-degree slot of the red connector. Then your stand is done!