Introduction: Two Bike Bike Rack

I wanted a way to store my two bikes inside with as little room as possible. I saw a bike rack at my local bike shop and looked it up online here . $90? That's too much for me to spend on something so simple. I figured I could make it out of 2x4s and some bolts.... so I did.

Step 1: Design Your Rack

This design can be tweaked many ways. I wanted to rack to be able to hold two bikes, one above the other. You could even have the arms extend toward the back and have a 4 bike rack.The bikes are supported by two arms with a padded cradle. The arms are height adjustable to any desired height. You can turn the cranks on both bikes but it is difficult to work on either of the bikes in the rack.

Step 2: Build It!

It doesn't take very long to build the frame, about a day (which is why i don't have any during-construction shots). I used 5 inch bolts, I think they were 1/4 inch diameter. I used a 2 inch hole saw to make the cradle. clamp two arms together and just drill one hole (half on each board). I used some scrap carpet to cushion the cradle. I put contact cement on the wood and carpet and clamped a bottle in the hole overnight. If you put some nails in the vertical 2x4s they can be used to store tools.