Introduction: Two Channel Power Mixer

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In this Instructable you will be making a two-channel power mixer.

I used an SD241 diode pair IC. You do not need such high-power diodes for this circuit.

This is a low-power circuit.


3 high current 10 ohm resistors, two high power diodes or diode pair IC, 1 kohm resistor, 100 uF or 1000 uF capacitor, box (cardboard or plastic), electrical tape.

Optional: heat sink (for the diode IC), heat transfer paste (for the diode IC), light bulb, LED, bright LED, matrix board, soldering iron, solder, light bulb socket, crocodile clips.

Step 1: Build the Circuit

The 2 V LED is modeled with three general-purpose diodes.

You see the mental can IC with Ds1a and Ds2a diodes inside (TO-3 Integrated circuit metal can type).

I used an old 2000 uF Russian capacitor. You do not need such a high capacitor. You can use 100 uF.

Warning: High-value capacitors might cause the source voltages to explode.

The RoA is used for short-circuit protection. This circuit has no reverse load current protection.

Step 2: Testing and Discussion

I did additional simulations to find out if putting the mixing diodes Ds1 and Ds2 before the mixing resistors Rs1 and Rs2 would affect the output.

The graph of PSpice software simulations shows that the output is not affected by swapping the position of mixing diodes with mixing resistors.

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