Introduction: Two Color Fishtail Paracord (550) Bracelet

First off sorry for the Hands, Fingers, and arm in the pictures. I made this Instructables because I couldn't find a one sides two color fishtail. I fumbled around and figured it out and thought I would put this out for everybody think the same thing. Enjoy. Chris R.

Step 1: Cow Hitch and Length

Adjust the cow hitch starting point in order to fit the wrist you are making it for. Sorry no images for this step. I got the idea to put this out there after making the beginning.

Step 2: Twisting the Colors

If you have tried the normal fishtail two color this one is a little different. My wife didn't want the alternating colors so I twisted or wrapped them in the middle of tge two base strands to bring the Red strand and the Carolina blue strand back to the same sides they started from. Se the pictures for clarification. As you go through twisting or wrapping you can leave them loose, you will have to constantly keep your thumb on the middle section that is twisted and then go through the top and around and under. Then twist again. And repeat the same process.

Step 3: Pulling Cord

So as your pulling the cord after the twist be careful to maintain your twist by pinching it with one hand and pulling with the other. I kept mine loose for about three or four twist then snugged them. You don't want to snug them to tight without checking the spacing between each twist to keep them from bunching up. It makes bulged as you can see in pictures. Once you finish you can go back and check it again to even them out then singe the ends (or end how you want).

Step 4: Have Fun With It!

Have a great time playing with knots! Thank you for checking out my way and maybe you can find a better way that suits you. If you find any that works out better feel free to let me know. I love trying new knots!