Introduction: Two Color Paracord Bracelet

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My 13th Instructable is on how to make a Two color paracord bracelet

Step 1: Supplies

You will need a pocketknife, a lighter, 1 foot inner cord 5 feet outer paracord, tape, a slide release buckle,  and a wrist

Step 2: Measuring

Measure your wrist like this, get the minimal amount of paracord needed and add a little bit more, so you have enough room. Mark it with something that will stay, them cut it.

Step 3: The Buckle!

Thread the paracord through the slot, then tie it like shown, then thread it through the other side, then tape it.

Step 4: Braiding

Use the Solomon bar line to braid it down to the bottom.

Step 5: The Last Measure!

Once it gets close to the tape, put it on your wrist, and if it is to tight, loosen it and if it is to loose, tighten it. Once you get it to fit right, braid it until finished.

Step 6: Done

Cut the access off and burn it with a lighter.

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