Introduction: Two Finger Knitting

How to Knitt using two fingers.


  1. Wool
  2. Two fingers

Step 1: First Wrap

Choose your wool, and take the thread. Hold two fingers in the sape of a V, put the thread between your fingers (inside the V, with the edge facing you) and wrap it once around each finger.

Step 2: Second Wrap

Wrap the thread aroubd each finger again, to form two layers of wool on each finger

Step 3: Finish First Layer

Take the lower layer of wool from each finger and remove it from your finger by taking the lower thread facing you and moving it over your finger and to the back. pull the remainder of the thread (the scarf side).

Step 4: Repeat

Repeat the first 3 steps as necesseary, the more you do, the longer your scarf will turn out.

Step 5: Finish

To finish, (when you've decided your scarf is long enough). remove the wool from your fingers and run the thread through both loops and knot the end.

Step 6: Have Fun and Get Creative

You can use Finger knitting to make a lot of different cool stuff.

I mostly used it to create scarves, purses and headbands.

Have fun :)