Introduction: Two Fun and Easy Card Tricks

In this guide, two card tricks will be demonstrated. This trick is intended for beginners, but a wide range of users can benefit. By learning this trick, you will be able to amaze your friends, and get started in the world of magic! If you need help visualizing the tricks, reference the video

Step 1: Grid Phase

A. Deal the cards face-up in a 3x3 formation

B. Ask the audience to mentally choose a card

C. Ask the audience to tell you which column their card is in

D. Take the cards back into your hand in an order where it's easy for you to know where the three cards in that column are

Step 2: Grid Phase (cont.d)

E. Re-deal the cards in a 3x3 formation, but this time make sure that the three cards that were in the audience-selected column are separated horizontally.

F. Ask the audience which column their card is in yet again, and if you placed the cards in the grid correctly then you should be able to pinpoint the audience’s chosen card. (In the case of the graphics above, the card we have pinpointed is the jack of hearts.) Next take the cards back into your hand. IMPORTANT: Remember the position of their card in your hand.

Step 3: Pile Phase (illusion of Choice)

A. Arrange the nine cards that would normally be used for a grid in 3 piles of 3 faced down and remember where you place down the audience selected card

B. Have the audience select two piles

B2. The goal here is to have the audience seem like they can choose the outcome of the trick. There are conditions here. If they select two piles, and none have their card, the dealer should discard them both. This is where the illusion of choice comes into play. (See Graphic)

B3. If they select one of the piles that has their card, and one of the piles that doesn’t have them, keep both of the selected piles and discard the extra pile.

B4. When two piles remain, have them choose one pile. No matter which pile they will choose, always discard the pile that does not contain their card.

Step 4: Ending Trick One

A. With the last pile remaining, separate the 3 cards individually. Then ask the audience to select two of the cards.

B.Similarly to the pile phase, make sure that no matter what two cards are chosen, to make sure the last card remaining is the audience’s card.

C. Reveal the card, and confirm with the audience that this is their card, and watch them be amazed.

Step 5: Trick Two-Find-n-Flip Trick

This trick involves the use of a good memory, as well as audience interaction.

Step 6: Audience Card Selection

A. Fan the cards out face-down to the audience.

B. Tell them to pick any card of their choice and look at it, but keep the identity of the card to themselves.

C. Pick up half of the deck in one hand with the card face of the top half facing you (see picture)

C2. Secretly look at the the bottom card that is facing you and remember it

D. Hold out the other half of the deck and tell the audience to place their card on top

E. Put the two halves of the deck together

Step 7: Shuffle Phase

A. Tell the audience that you will shuffle the deck

B. Perform a very poor shuffle (make the illusion of shuffling)

B2. Make sure when you mix the cards that the card they placed down is still below the card you remembered

C. State that the deck is now shuffled

Step 8: Finding and Flipping the Audience's Card

A. Tell the audience that you will start flipping over cards until you get to their card

B. Start flipping over cards until you see the card you remembered appear

B2. The next card flipped over will be the audience’s card

B3. Remember this card

C. Flip over as many more cards faced up on the pile as you want

D. Tell the audience that the next card you flip over will be their card

E. Then flip over the card that you determined to be their card

F. Watch the audience be amazed again