Two-Note Flute

Introduction: Two-Note Flute

to make it you have a jug or bottle.

Step 1: Get a Glass Jug or Bottle

This works well with a wine bottle, olive oil bottles, large glass jugs, and any other glass container with a skinny neck.

Step 2: Bore a Single-sized Hole in the Bottom

Use a glass cutter to cut a small hole in the bottom of the bottle or jug.

Step 3: Blow Across the Hole That Is Already in the Top of the Jug

Position your lips so that you're blowing horizontally right over the opening. Keep blowing until you get a clear note. This may take a while, so be patient and keep practicing.

Step 4: Cover and Uncover the Hole on the Bottom With Your Finger

Do this as you blow, and experiment with the different sounds it produces.

Step 5: Try Tilting Your Head Down and Up to Make the Note Sharp or Flat

keep your head down and up to make it sharp or flat.

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