Introduction: Two Paper Envelopes

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Here's a simple instructable on two paper envelopes that you'll need for another one of my paper projects that's coming really soon

Envelope 1 – you will need:

- A4 of color paper
- pencil
- scissors
- ruler
- heart paper cutter

Envelope 2 – you will need:
- 11 x 11 cm piece of hard paper
- pencil
- scissors
- ruler
- pair of compasses
- a ribbon bow

Step 1: Envelope 1

Cut a 20 x 20 cm rectangle. (picture 1)

Find the center of each side, connect the centers and fold. (picture 2)

Fold the corners together as you see in the picture. (picture 3)

Glue a hear paper cutout on three of the corners leaving the last corner open. (picture 4)


Step 2: Envelope 2

Draw a line 0,5 cm from the edge on three sides of the square and use those lines to fold the edges. (pictures 1 and 2)

Turn the box folds down and find the center of the side without a fold. Using a pair of compasses draw a half-circle, radius 1,5 cm and cut it out. (picture 3)

Decorate the box with the bow. (picture 4)

lue the folded edges of the box wherever you need. It’s a great box for photos! (photo 5)