Introduction: Two Seater Walkway Seat

I hope u will enjoy this two seater walkway seat done under 3hours u can even do much better its easy


Wood,nails and gum.
Benchclamp, Jack plane , chisel,and saw.

Step 1: Preparing the Legs

I wanted the chair legs to have a pointed and rounded ends , so I use jack plane to get the shapes (length of the legs 2ft) I also want it to have A structure so i cut the hand rest ( at16 cm & middle vertical section at 14cm ) note mortise & tenon allowance after setting them down and getting the exact location of where each piece would be I mark it and do the tennon and mortise joint with chisel , securing it with gum and nail.

Step 2: JOINING the Right and the Two Legs Together

Since it's two seater and I want the total length of the chair to be 40cm , I make the two joiner wood front and back 42cm ( tennon and mortise allowance included).

Step 3: Preparing the Back Rest

Since I want the design to be simple , I chose the ladder like structure using the jack plane to turn a long rectangle wood to a round one then cutting them into pieces to make ladder then attaching the ladder structure to the back of the chair with 13 mm screw or nail.

Step 4: Making and Laying the Seating Platform

I decide to lay the seating area horizontaly so I cut each piece 4cm wide and 12cm long Times nine pieces, I set the pieces with gaps btw them and secure them with nails.

Step 5: Coating With Polyuethane

I want to maintain the natural colour of the wood so after sanding I coat it with polyuethane to give it a shinning look.

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