Two Tone Tiger Face Paint

Introduction: Two Tone Tiger Face Paint

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Tigers are the most popular face paint designs suitable for boys. But, what if a girl wants to be just as equally wild as boys? Well, this face is the answer! Twice the color combinations means twice the wow factor! Note: this also helps face painters to choose the right colors for the right gender, like you're about to see in this tutorial.

Step 1: Start Off

Note: Sorry about the darkness of the following images, because it was 1) hot and humid and we had to keep the shades closed to stay cool and 2) it was starting to get extremely dark outside, because of a severe thunderstorm watch in New York.

First, I began by applying a cat nose prosthetic to my face.

Step 2: Begin Painting

From there, I started using my white face paint to color in the muzzle.

Step 3: Cat Eyes

Then, I used more white to coat my eyelids with a cat eye tip.

Step 4: Paint 1/2 of My Face

Now, for the fun part: I began with the left side of my face and painting that in orange.

Step 5: Continue

Then, I painted the other half of my face with pink.

Step 6: Two Tone Features

Then, I added in the features with a two-tone look, including the nose, whisker holes, and mouth outlines in black and purple.

Step 7: Stripes

Then, I continue to complete the look with stripes: purple for the pink side, black for the orange side. Then, I added some shadowing and definition with Urban Decay Electric Shadows in Slowburn, Savage, Urban, and Thrash.

Step 8: Done!

Now, it's time to pounce onto my gallery and enjoy the images! The orange and pink tiger has a lot of spice, and makes a fierce statement for any occasion!

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