Two Transient Clap Switch Circuits

Introduction: Two Transient Clap Switch Circuits

Transient Clap Switch Circuit is the circuit which turns ON with a clap sound. The output remains ON for some time and then turns OFF automatically.

The time of activity can be controlled by varying the value of capacitance of Capacitor. More the capacitance, more is the time for which the output remains ON.

A condenser microphone is used as a sensor. The trigger can be clap/snap or any other sound capable of activating the circuit.

Here, I will show you two different ways to make transient clap automated circuit :

  • Using 555 Timer IC
  • Using Transistors

Step 1: Circuit Diagram

These are the circuit diagrams for making circuit using :

  • 555 Timer IC
  • Transistors

Step 2: Components

These are the Components Required for making circuit :

1. Using 555 Timer IC

• 555 Timer IC

• Condenser Microphone

• Transistor: BC547

• Resistors: 100K, 47K, 1K, 330Ω

• Capacitor: 10 μF


2. Using Transistors

• Transistors: BC547 (2)

• Condenser Microphone

• Resistors: 1M, 10K (2), 330 Ω

• Capacitor: 47 μF


Other Requirements:

• Battery: 9V and battery clip

• Breadboard

• Breadboard Connectors

Step 3: Step-by-step Tutorial

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    Question 6 months ago on Introduction

    I should like to make a counter to place it on plastic "tennis"-racket (toy), to count the bouncings of a little rubber ball. I should like to make it just like your clap-counter, but not with calculator but with modified pedometer.
    Could you help me with another circuit diagram, applied to this pedometer?


    2 years ago

    Sir ,pls send working notes


    Question 2 years ago

    How to increase the led time

    Hello sir, if the lead has to be kept for 1 hour, then the capacitance of capacitor will have to be kept at