Two Way Pull Switch

Introduction: Two Way Pull Switch

This is a handy little trick to give yourself a single or two-way* switch for a pull chain fixture like those porcelain light bulb sockets. this is handy for shops or attics and crawlspace lights where you might have two different entries and don't want to mess with rewiring it yourself or paying someone to do it. And it's dirt cheap.

*For some reason we call these "three way" switches in America . . . well, not me, but that's what you call them for some unfathomable reason.

Step 1: What You Need

* You need a pull switch fixture (awful things really, wall switches are always preferable).

* Eye screws.

* A drill with a bit that's the appropriate size for your eye screw.*

* Paracord! Bam!

Optional things:

Weights for the end of the pull strings (not really necessary in this installation, paracord weighed enough to keep everything hanging where it should).

Screws if you want to lightly attach the cord to the wall instead of using a weight.

Step 2: Doing It

Drill a hole in the ceiling or wall above where you want your pull strings to hang.

Screw the eye screw into that hole and run the cord through it.

Tie it to the pull chain on the fixture.

I tied my second pull cord to the other pull cord just under the eye screw on the ceiling, you could do that or depending on your room arrangement tie it onto the chain at the fixture with the other cord.

Tie on some weights or attach the cords to the wall with a screw and you're done.

BAM! White trash wiring.

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    7 years ago on Introduction

    This looks like a great, relatively simple solution. Thanks!