Two Wheel Drive Electric Moped

Introduction: Two Wheel Drive Electric Moped

About: We are a small electric bike shop in Connecticut. Our team happens to be a gang of tinkerers, engineers, and artists who love making crazy things!

This project takes a 500 watt electric bike from Spark Cycleworks and upgrades it to a 2,500 dual motor moped

Step 1: Gather the Supplies

  • Any bike, we just used one of our Bandit series ebike from the shop at Spark Cycleworks (Here)
  • Two 52V batteries
  • A front 1,000 Watt and rear 1,500 Watt hub motor
  • Ammo Box

Step 2: Disassembly and Paint

  • Strip the bike of the front and rear wheel
  • Remove the brakes, derailleur, and any other components you don't want to get paint on
  • For paint, we did a white base, gloss black on top, gold splatter, then clear coat over the top.

Step 3: Wire Up

  • We used an ammo box to house the controller and wires
  • We decided to use independent throttles for the front and rear motors

Step 4: Take a Ride!

It's time for a test ride! Start by using the rear motor only and get familiar with the power. Next, use the front motor throttle to unleash to full torque!

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    Question 4 months ago on Step 2

    Hello! Where can I buy this frame?