Introduction: Two Zombie Survival Weapons

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imagine you wake up from a coma, two months after the world has experienced the zombie apocalypse , how will you survive if you don't have a weapon or two to protect yourself from those hordes. But.. most americans don't have guns, and if you did, ammo would be rare sooner or later, and the sound would attract other zombies, so you will need a melee weapon that can keep you a distance away from the zombie in case of bites, infiltrate the skull area of the zombie and look awesome.

Step 1: First Weapon: Brain Piercer (work in Progress)


nails or screws, ( i used screws because they were the only thing around )

mallet or hammer

wood fence post or plank.

i would suggest nails instead of screws because screws are harder to explode zombie brains with.

Step 2: Procedure

First grab your mallet/hammer and your nails/screws. Find a wooden fence post or plank. Take your nails/screw and hammer it in to the wood so the pointy part of the screw is facing out of the wood. Now you have a very simple and easy to use zombie killing weapon. this requires force to work like how you would use a axe, swing and hit. this is not a one hit kill, usually i will hit the zombie then the weapon gets stuck in their brain and i have to do a "DIS IS SPARTA" kick on them to get it out. 2-4 hits should work. Aim for the head.


and is difficult to get out. not good for more than 1 zombie.

Step 3: Second Weapon: the Pulverizer

this is a better, but harder to make weapon. this is good for hordes, but you will need some muscle to swing it around (unlike me). This is a bat with a the round bit (head) of a nail sticking out to crack zombie heads.

this takes around 30-60 minutes. it looks awesome and fun to show off.

please be careful with this, it can hurt, and maybe kill someone.BE CAREFUL, THINK BEFORE YOU ACT

Step 4: Materials





Step 5: Wood Finding

to build this you want a club like log/tree. My parents had some people chop off some limbs of my trees, so I used one of those. make sure it is not too long and not to short. 2-3 feet long,because it will get very heavy and hard to swing. (unless your Chris Evens or Arnold Schwarzenegger ) i chopped mine to be around 4-feet long. you can carve a handle into it if it is too big to wrap you're hands around it. I didn't because my hands are large.

Step 6: Chopping

if the log is too big than I would suggest to chop it to the right size.

Step 7: Weaponizing

now add a large screw, i added just one. do not add the pointy side facing the outside (you can if you want to).

i added the flat side facing out, so it will puncher the skull like a watermelon. this step is optional if you have a long enough nail/screw you could drill it through the stick and have the pointy end sticking out.

This part is by far the longest if you're using a mallet (like me). be careful not to hit you're fingers (like me)

Step 8: Finished and Ready to Kill Some Zombies

Now you have two weapons to help you survive the zombie apocalypse. only use the first weapon if its a "one on one" battle with a zombie, not with hordes. You can use the second weapon on small hordes, but not large hordes. I hope you enjoyed this tutorial, I would love feedback, and tell me if you want more zombie survival instructables.

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