Introduction: Two Simple Ways to Stop an Apple Browning #5

Series: "Apple a day for a week".

Part: #4

Type: keep an apple fresh.

How to find: I will be compiling this series in a collection you can find here.

Method: Read on to find out how!

Step 1: The Proof

So these photos might be hard to understand, I have added notes on them so you know what has been cut with what an the pieces that have lemon juice on them.

I left this apple for half an hour before taking the photos.

Step 2: The Science

You know that after cutting an apple it goes brown?

The reason it goes brown after cutting (if you are using a metal knife) is because a metal knife always has burrs that tear the cells and releases the natural anti oxidizing agents.

By using a ceramic knife you eliminate the tearing because the ceramic doesn't have the burrs that tear the cells, instead it slices them perfectly.

The browning process can be slowed down greatly using these methods first you can cut the apple and put citrus juice on it, you can cut the apple and re-assemble it, put a rubber band around it and seal out the oxygen that way or you can just cut it with a ceramic knife!

Thanks for viewing and please check out the collection!

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