Ty Beanie Boo Hat

Introduction: Ty Beanie Boo Hat

This is a super easy and cute hat to make!! It only takes a about 5 minutes to complete!


* 9-10 Regular sized beanie boos

* Stretchy string (about 2 and 1/2 feet or so)

* One medium sized beanie boo

* A sunhat

* A medium sized needle

Step 1: Get Your Sunhat

* Get your sunhat

* This will be the base to your hat

Step 2: Adding Your Needle

* Take your needle and place it in the top center if your sunhat ( Sharp side sticking out of the hat)

Step 3: Adding Your Centerpiece

* Take your sunhat with needle and place your medium sized beanie boo on top of the needle ( The needle provides support to the beanie boo allowing it to not fall down or come off as easy)

Step 4: Adding Around the Hat

* Add your regular sized benaie boos around the rim of the sunhat

Step 5: Securing the Beanie Boos

* Take your stretchy string and wrap it around the beanie boos ( twice for extra security)

Step 6: Then Your Done!!!!

Enjoy your Ty Beanie Boo Hat!!

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