Tye and Dye Old Cloth




Introduction: Tye and Dye Old Cloth

Ever wanted to color your own clothes in a way differently, with patterns and colors of your own choice ?

This is a tye and dye instructable where I have taken an old cloth for a makeover.

Step 1: Things Required

  1. Old or new Cloth piece (preferably cotton)
  2. Threads for tying
  3. Dye colors
  4. Pan
  5. Bucket

Step 2: Tying the Cloth

  1. Take the cloth and fold it in a triangular shape so that it has three ends.
  2. Make a knot at each of the corners. These knots will make the first base of the color,i.e., white.
  3. Do it for the remaining three corners.
  4. Now fold the triangle again to make another smaller one, and tie a knot at its apex. Do see the photos for better understanding.

Step 3: More Tying

As shown in the figure, now you need to take the threads and tie knots at equal intervals along the length of the cloth.

Don't tighten the cloth keep it slack as shown.

Make sure the knots are tight enough.

Step 4: Heat Water in a Pan

Next is to boil water in a pan with one teaspoon of salt.

This helps in making the color stronger and helps in retaining it.

Step 5: Color the Water

To the boiling water, add the dye color.

Make sure you go in a sequence of lighter shades to darker only.

Step 6: Dunk It

Dunk the tied up cloth into the boiling water, let the cloth absorb the color.

Keep it for 2 minutes in the pan and remove.

Make sure it is completely drenched.

Step 7: Cool It Down

Now transfer the Cloth into a bucket with normal water, to drain out excess color.

Step 8: For Second Color

Repeat the tying process as shown.

Step 9: Making It Green

  1. Boil water with salt
  2. Add the cloth
  3. Drench it in color
  4. Drain excess color
  5. Let it cool

Step 10: Time for Red Color

Follow the same steps to color it red.

Step 11: Dyed Cloth

The dyed cloth will look like this.

Step 12: Start Untying

It is preferred to untie the knots after the cloth has been completely dried.

Now one by one, start untying and see the wonderful colors emerge.

Step 13: Final Masterpiece

Here is your masterpiece. It can be used as a pillow cover to get an ethnic look, a stroll, a bandanna or just a wall hanging.

This can be implemented to coloring tee shirts.

I will be putting up an instructable for tee shirt painting soon this week.

Enjoy, favorite and vote!!

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    4 years ago

    can it be washed?


    Reply 4 years ago

    use permanent colors and it can be washed.