Tying a Tie




Introduction: Tying a Tie

**Side Note: If you're wearing a collared shirt, flip your collar up and wrap the tie around the back of your neck with the two ends hanging in front. If you're not wearing a collared shirt, disregard this step.

Step 1: Getting Started

The tie should be adjusted so that the skinny side ends at about mid-chest. Grab the short end and don’t let go until the last step.

Step 2: Through the Loop

Cross the ends of the tie so that the longer piece is on top of the skinny end. Pull the long end up through the hole around your neck and pull down so that the pieces are snug. The big end should be on top of the small end.

Step 3: A Work of Heart

Take the long end and wrap it around the short end from the back. Once you have done this, take the long end and push it down through the hole from the front by the base of your neck so that it makes a heart-like shaped knot.

Step 4: Bring It Around Town

At this point, the long piece hanging down should be backward and underneath the short end. From here, wrap the long piece over the top of the short piece (which should still be in your hand).

Step 5: Get 'Er Done

Bring the long piece up through the hole then insert it beneath the piece that you just wrapped which is on top of the knot. Pull the long piece down so that it is snug in-between the wrapped part and the knot. From here, you can adjust the tie by pulling the short piece and pushing the knot upwards towards your neck.

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    4 years ago

    i learned this once upon a time in school but always had to go back to the sheet of paper with the directions/pictures when I needed to tie one. I lost the sheet years ago. Now, I don't need them any more. Thanks.

    DIY Hacks and How Tos

    Great tutorial. The gifs really help to make it easier to follow.