Tying a Bow Tie Way # 2 (the Easy Way)




Introduction: Tying a Bow Tie Way # 2 (the Easy Way)

If you figured out how to tie a bow tie based on my previous instructable, this one should be a breeze. One of the main reasons that I do not use this method is that I have many bow ties that have different colored wings, and this method does not allow both colors or patterns to show on the final product. As you can see, the entire front of the bow tie is comprised of the striped pattern, and all of the polka dotted pattern is in the rear.

Step 1: Lets Begin...

Start out the same way as in my first bow tie instructable by placing the bowtie over your neck, polka dots on one side, stripes on the other.

Step 2: The Cross Over

Once again, you are going to cross the striped side over the polka dotted side, and wrap it underneath like you would begin tying your shoe.

Step 3: Making the First Bow

Now, letting the striped side rest on your shoulder, create the bow shape with the polka dotted side.

Step 4: The "Big Loop"

Here is where this method begins to vary from my other method.

Bring the striped side of the bow tie down infront of the polka dotted bow, and continue to loop it up underneath and back ontop of the dotted side. (this loop should be inbetween your neck and all of the other material.

Step 5: Making the Second Bow

This time, instead of making the second bow behind the first bow, we will make it infront, by pulling the striped section through the "big loop" we just made.

Once again, pull a doubled over piece of the striped material through the loop, so the wing's loop is created.

Make sure you don't pull too far, causing the flap of the tie to come thouugh the hole.

Step 6: Adjustments

Wiggle and waggle the ends of your bow tie so they look straight and neat. The end result should look something like the second picture here from the top.

Congrats on learning to tie a bow tie! Hope my instructable was easy enough to follow.

Remember to check out the alternate way to tie your bow tie too.

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    8 years ago on Introduction

    A very simple method to tying a bowtie.

    What's interesting is that in the 1980’s, Casual Fridays, --- a chance to discard the jacket and tie for work and come in wearing jeans and golf shirts --- was actually the beginning trend that would lead to Business Casual, as being the common work dress code. With the exception of a few industries --- banking, law, etc. --- most business men wear golf shirts and chinos to work today.

    Now, the tech world in Portland has begun a movement they call Fancy Fridays, where the men dust off the jackets and ties once a week. Possibly in another decade or so we’ll be back to ties and suits for work?

    Great article.

    Everett De Morier


    12 years ago on Introduction

    This method is genius because it removes 80% of problems I have with tying bow ties--namely half the time I mix up what is going on in the back. Having it all in the front is much easier.


    13 years ago on Introduction

    Where did you get that fantastic tie? I've been into formalwear since sophomore year of high school when I worked for a tux shop. We never knew where to send peeps for classy ties, and all we had were these cruddy ones that ended up being way too short to tie around a normal neck.

    I've found a couple sites, but none with a pattern like that. Nice Instructable, btw.


    Reply 13 years ago on Introduction

    My dad actually found this one at a local menswear store in my town. I've been collecting bow ties for a while now and have found that the best ties are always at places like Brooks Brothers (a bit more expensive but worth the money) or small local shops around town.


    Reply 14 years ago on Introduction

    me too! but they do creep me out severely!