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Introduction: Typewriter Costume

I am a typewriter-obsessed journalist, so I decided to be one for Halloween. First I cut off three bottom flaps (back and sides) and three top flaps (front and sides) off of an old rectangular box. I added an extension of cardboard to the bottom flap to create the keyboard. I traced black poster board and covered the form, using duct tape, staples and hot glue to keep everything in place.Using some ribbon, I created straps. I made the keys out of silver-ringed tags and glued letters and symbols to each. Then I glued those in place. I ran a piece of ribbon, laced through a tinfoil covered half-circle, across a white piece of poster board and stapled it into place. To make it appear as if paper were inserted, I attached that piece to the front and another piece of longer white poster board to the back. I also covered a long rectangular piece of poster board in tinfoil and fastened it across the top of the typewriter to give it a more mechanical feel. 

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    7 years ago on Introduction

    My last name is Underwood, so I might just be an Underwood typewriter this year! Thanks for the idea!