Introduction: Typographic Clock

I was in Italy on a study trip with the architecture faculty of Munich. We also visited the main railway station, built between 1932 and 1934. A typography has been specially developed for this station, for example for numbering the ticket offices. This pleased me so much that I decided to transform it into something and came up with a clock.

Step 1:

This is a photo of the waiting hall of the station. In the background you can see the numbers in the beautiful typology.

Step 2:

I designed and drew the figures with AutoCAD to create a rectangular plate and in the middle, with the numbers 12 and 6 above and below.

Step 3:

I'm lucky to have access to a milling machine, so I only had to send the file to the machine and this took over the work for me!
Of course you can also print out the template and saw out the clock with a handsaw.

Step 4:

Finally, I just drilled a hole in the middle of the plate and used a clockwork mechanism.

Done is the Florence-Clock!

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