Introduction: UFO EARRINGS

This Instructable is for one set of UFO EARRINGS!

The earrings feature UFOs abducting a human and cow (or anything you want)).

This Instructable requires operating an oven, handling hot objects and using sharp tools so adult supervision and assistance is recommended.

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Thanks and I hope you enjoy!


Step 1: Gather Materials

1) gray or silver clay for the UFOs
I used a 2oz package of silver Sculpey III oven bake clay.

2) clear Shrinky Dink film (as opposed to frosted or white).
I purchased a package of ten 8"x10" sheets of Shrinky Dink film from Michaels and used less than half of one of the sheets. I plan on using the Shrinky Dink film for future crafts but if you just want to make these earrings I suggest into looking to find a package of less sheets or look at the Shrinky Dink kits for kids. You just need a small sheet of clear film. A kit might have that!

3) Krylon Crystal Clear Acrylic Coating spray

4) sharpie in color you want your abduction beam to me. I used a neon green and a yellow sharpie

5) extra fine tip black sharpie for the cow and human (or whatever you want the aliens to be abducting with their UFOs!) and for details on the UFO.

6) E6000 glue

7) yellow paint for the UFO windows

8) small detail paintbrush for painting the windows on the Clay UFOs

9) electricity and a toaster oven (that is recommended over regular ovens according to the Shrinky Dink package I purchased and is the type of oven I used)
(Not pictured)

10) 2 flat post earrings

11) 2 earring backs

12) scissors for cutting the Shrinky Dink film

13) package of clay tools that include a roller, something that is sharp(ish) and something with a point (purple stick in picture) OR a tool or method to make clay flat, something pointy that can be used to draw on clay such as a toothpick and a blade such as a box cutter.

I purchased a package of 3 tools and a roller for about $3 at Michaels because I plan on doing more projects with clay! The roller and tool with point are shown in the picture but the tool I used to cut the UFOs is not. It looks like a plastic knife but is skinnier because it's meant for clay.

14) tweezers (not pictured)

15) foil for baking the Shrinky Dinks on (not pictured.

The Shrinky Dink package said for me to bake the film on piece of brown paper bag but I wasn't comfortable with that. So I used foil and used the tweezers to get the Shrinky Dinks off the foil. Choose whichever method you are comfortable with but I am not responsible for what happens!

16) oven mitt (not pictured)

17) flat surface to place hot things on. I used the back side of a cookie sheet.

18) folded piece of paper or pad of paper to press the Shrinky Dinks flat

Step 2: Preheat Oven for Clay

Preheat oven to the temperature your clay needs to bake at. My Sculpey clay needs to be baked at 275 degrees.

Step 3: Create Clay UFOs

Make a small ball of silver clay

Roll it out flat.
I made mine a little less than a fourth of an inch thick. The Sculpey clay I purchased has a baking time of 15 minutes per fourth of inch of clay. To make timing your earrings easier, I would suggest making them 1/4 inch thick for Sculpey clay. Check your package of clay for baking instructions.

Draw 2 small UFO shapes in the clay. Make them as big or small as you want. Just remember you will have to put details on it!

Use sharp tool or blade to cut the shapes out of the clay

Step 4: Bake UFOs

Bake the UFOs based on how thick they are and what your clay package instructs for that measurement.

Mine were less than a fourth of an inch so I judged it and decided to bake them for about 8 min.

Take UFOs out of oven and let them cool completely.

Step 5: Paint UFO Windows

Use your paintbrush to paint windows on the UFOs. I chose to paint yellow circles for windows.

Let dry completely.

Step 6: Finish UFO Details

Use your extra fine sharpie to draw details on the UFO. The pictures depict what I chose to draw on my UFOs but feel free to draw whatever lines/shapes you want!

Step 7: Adjust Oven Temperature (if Necessary)

Change the temperature of your toaster oven to the temperature your Shrinky Dinks require to properly shrink. See your package of Shrinky Dink for this temperature as it probably varys slightly from brand to brand.

Step 8: Create Abduction Beams

Draw a shape on your Shrinky Dink film that either looks like the green outline in the picture above, or a rectangle. Keep in mind how your Shrinky Dink film will shrink. My package of film shrinks to 1/3 of its original size and becomes 9 times thicker.

I apparently forgot to take a picture of my film before I put on the foil to bake it :( but my beam was the green outline and the person and cow fit in the boxes I drew (see picture). My human and cow are larger than they should be to be proportional but I wanted the objects being abducted to be larger so people could tell what they were from far away. See the second picture of this step to see the beams before they are baked.

Color in your abduction beam shapes with the sharpie(s) you chose for this.

On the OTHER side of the beam, draw your human and cow (etc).

When you are happy with how these look, cut them out and remember which side has the color and which side has the permanent marker. We will be baking the Shrinky Dinks with the color side up.

Step 9: Bake the Beams

Place your Shrinky Dink beams onto piece of foil COLOR SIDE UP and into your preheated oven. If you put it color side down, the sharpie will stick to the foil and come off the Shrinky Dink :(

Follow instructions for baking your Shrinky dinks.

Mine took 1 min to shrink and lay flat and then waited 30 seconds for the process to conclude per instructions.

Take out piece of foil holding the Shrinky Dinks with oven mitt and immediately take the Shrinky Dinks off the foil with tweezers and gently press the Shrinky Dinks down with folded piece of paper to flatten them.

Step 10: Spray UFOs and Beams With Acrylic Coat

Lightly spray both sides of the beams with acrylic coating. Be careful to not smudge anything.

Next, spray the UFOs with the acrylic spray to protect the details.

Let dry completely.

Step 11: Put It All Together

Use the E6000 glue to adhere the UFOs to the beams. This is where you can control the length

Let dry completely

Glue a flat post earring to the back of each UFO. My beams overlapped the UFO so I was actually glueing the post onto the beam that was behind the UFOs (see picture).

Let dry completely

Next, Put earring backs onto the posts!



Congrats you are now the proud new owner of some rad UFO earrings. Try to not make too many people jealous :)

Hope you enjoyed this Instructable! Please vote for it if you did and let me know if you make them!


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