Introduction: UFOH!

They are here!

The small and greenish finally arrived.

And this time it is for real!

The invasion has begun and there's no place to hide, because they are awesome!

The wheels spins and the capsule opens and closes.

Ready to print without supports in FDM printers.

Step 1: The Print!

There are several parts to make this object, and some assemble will be required.

You can use the plastic that you love most. And the colors, make it as you wish.

You don't need to had supports. In fact, you should turn supports off. The capsule have moving parts that only work if you don't had any supports to it.

I used PLA.
Layer height 0,2mm for all pieces except the alium.stl, that should be a little more fine, like 0,15 or 0,12.

Print speed 40mm/s but alium.stl should be printed slowly! Too many details to rush the printer ;) about 20mm/s or less

The capsule is printed at once. There will be a 0,3mm gap between both parts so you can unstick them (there is a bridge in this file, prepare your active cooling!) I've used transparent filament for the capsule.

There is an extra capsule made of 2 parts that fits together for those that can't put the main capsule working ;

For the wheels, you should print the tires in flexible filament (it will work great!) There is an extra file where the tires and the rims are fused together, for those that don't have flexible filament or don't want to have trouble fitting them to the rims.

Step 2: Assembling

One picture, one thousand instructions!

You can easily follow the schematics above. Use some glue between vessel_upper.stl and vessel_lower.stl.

You can also use some glue between the axis that hold on the rims and the vessel. They should fit tight, but some glue will ensure that it wont fall.

Step 3: Have Fun!

I hope you have fun with them. Expect no mercy...

Thank you!

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    Cool. One of the main reasons why I want a 3D printer is so that I could make custom toys for my kids.