ULF Scheme With a Volume Control on the Chip TDA7056B (5W)

Introduction: ULF Scheme With a Volume Control on the Chip TDA7056B (5W)

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Miniature bridge power amplifier with low frequency electronic volume control. In this amplifier output stage provides protection against short circuit, thermal protection (overtemperature shutdown as a result of heavy loads), as well as protection against voltage surges and static electrical discharges. It can be applied to electronic volume controls, as described above, and conventional potentiometers. Pin assignment is shown in Table. 3.7. The main technical characteristics are shown in Table. 3.8. Connection diagram is shown in Fig. 3.22. The image of the PCB shown in Fig. 3.23. Arrangement of components on the board is shown in Fig. 3.24.

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Table 3.7. Pin assignment chip TDA7056B

Pin Number appointment

1 not used

2 supply voltage

3 entrance

4 The total (input stage)

5 The control input of the input volume control 0-1,4 In

6 Non-inverting output stage

Pin Number appointment

7 The total (input stage)

8 Inverting output stage

9 not used

Step 1: Step 1

Fig. 3.22. circuit-breaker

Step 2: Step 2

Fig. 3.23. Image of the printed circuit board

Step 3: Step 3

Fig. 3.24. Arrangement of components on the board

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