UM Original Power Supply Support

Introduction: UM Original Power Supply Support

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The best idea of Netherlands!

Very simple design that can be used to store your UM original power supply underneath your Ultimaker.

The good thing about this design is that you don't need to drill holes in the casing of the Ultimaker.

And that's good because we don't want to drill holes in our beautiful Ultimaker!

It just snap fits on existing holes :)

I found that it was really important that this model can be print within an hour, with as less material as possible.

I made this design during my internship at FABLAB, and made it in Tinkercad.

Let's get started!

Step 1: Download Model or Tweak in Tinkercad

You can download the STL file or find it in the Tinkercad library (, feel free to adjust the design to your own preferences. Please share alike and do whatever you want with it.

Step 2: Slicing in Cura

Print the model on your 3D printer, we sliced the model with Cura:

Open Cura and "import" the model that you just downloaded or edited in Tinkercad.

Select the STL file from your your download library, make sure that the model is placed in the middle of your print bed.

The settings that we used for printing this model are:

(but feel free to use your own print preferences)

Quality: Medium

Layer height: 0,2

Shell thickness: 0,8

Enable retraction: Yes


Bottum / Top Thickness: 1,2

Fill density %: 20

Speed and temperature:

Print speed: 50

Print temperature: 220


Support type: brim

Platform adhesion type: none


Diameter: 2,85

Flow %: 100

Step 3: Printing and Assembling

After you've printed the model you're almost done.

You can easy click the power supply holder underneath the Ultimaker.

Once you have done this you can slide the power supply in to the holder and push the wires into the hook.

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