DIY Irrigation System for Plants




Introduction: DIY Irrigation System for Plants

Electronic Drip irrigation system for  plants

I thought of an un-attended watering system for plants, Being a frequent traveler i dint have enough time to water my plants and most of the time my plants weathered since its not Facebook my crop died. in order to resolve these issue, i decided to make this project, Simple, low cost and nothing to spare

In this project im planing an Electronic Control for Drip irrigation. I Need to plant some tomato plants on my roof top, so i selected some seeds, got some container(White Sacks) from the agro store, some organic fertilizers and some sand.

The first step was making the pot, i mixed up the soil with fertilizer and sand, then planted the seeds on to it

The next step was to build an electronic timer circuit which could control the water flow to the plant pots, so i designed a 555 timer (Astable mode) which was off for 30 minutes and on for 50 seconds (You have to find your own timings depending on your plant)

Note: if you don't get the desired timings from 555, you can toggle the output with Not gate or control the flow with a valve

The 555 circuit triggered a relay which in turn controlled a solenoid valve connected to water pipe (Refer Images ). The power for the circuit comes from a 10W solar panel ( Middle Right side edge of main image)

The watering system

I took a 1 Inch dia water pipe (PVC) and placed it on a height with bricks (Refer images). After that i drilled the pipe on top for water outlet, The hole was made in a manner to drip the water to the plant pot and water it. (the diameter of the hole should be small and should match the water flow)


Now the circuit is ready, since the circuit is powered by a solar panel, as soon as sun rices in the morning the plant gets its water in an interval of 30 minutes, you can control the timing with 555 so  that your plant get  enough water

With a slight modification you can also add an inlet for your liquid fertilizers. the system is a great success and now iget great fresh tomato without any pesticides or chemicals on it


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    8 years ago on Introduction

    your missing all the instructions on making this. All I see is I made this but noting on how you did it.