Introduction: UNICORN BARK

This delicious treat is Healthy and tastes absolutely delicious. Whether you have it for breakfast with natural yoghurt or just as a sweet treat this snack is definitely for you!


1/2 cup of blueberries.

1 mango, diced in 1/2- inch cubes

3-4 strawberries. (Depending on the size of the fruit)

1 cup of Greek Yoghurt, per fruit

1 tbsp. Honey, per fruit

Baking paper

2 tbsp coconut flakes (optional)

The blueberries in this recipe as it has said to have reduced belly fat and is the healthiest fruit

Mango is high in fiber to keep you full!

Strawberries add sweetness without raising blood sugar levels.

Read my instructions and you will know how to make a yummy frozen treat.

Step 1: Getting Your Fruits.

Take your blueberries and put it in a boll.

Then do the same with the other fruits


Step 2: Microwaving!

Next take your fruit and put it in the microwave.

Microwave each fruit in the microwave for 90 seconds until they make a jam like consistency.

if you need to take a fork and squash the fruit after putting it in the microwave.

Thos works especially well for blueberries as sometimes your left with whole berries rather than smushed berries

Step 3: Greek Yoghurt.

Next add your yoghurt to each fruit.

Stir in the yoghurt until it is completely mixed.


Step 4: Honey Time!

Next add your honey to each fruit/ yoghurt.

Stir the honey in until it is nice and smooth

Step 5: Putting It Together!

now line a baking sheet with parchment paper.

Next layer your fruit mixture on top of each other. Be careless and mad as it looks better at the end!

Next take a knife and marble the fruit.

Run your knife along the top making swirls and patterns. (This is how you marble!)

if you want to you can now sprinkle you coconut flakes over the top

Step 6: Freeze, Freeze FREEZE

Next you put the marbled fruit mixture in the freezer for 2 hours or you can leave it in over night

Step 7: Nearly There!

After your two hours is done take the fruit mixture out the freezer.

Take off the tin foil and slice or break it into pieces.

i recommend breaking it as it looks more retro


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