|UPDATED| Nerf Load Out

Introduction: |UPDATED| Nerf Load Out

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First I want to say that I'm sorry i haven't been on instructibles lately. In his instructible I will show you my custom Nerf load out an how I put it together.

Step 1: Classes

Classes are a very important thing you most likely don't want to be in a heavy class in a small Nerf war or a light class in a large war. :Heavy class: When using this class you don't have much mobility, which makes you a better target. My heavy load out lets me have a good amount of mobility so I can move around more. (See picture 1). :Light class: This class is an all-around great class, you have great mobility, lighter weapons and less bulk (duh). The light class is also good for wars where you are closer to the enemy (you can move around better, see picture 2).

Step 2: Weapons Light and Heavy.

(Pic 1). This is my heavy primary, a modded longshot with a crossfire bow integration I gave it a 35 dart drum so I don't have reload frequently.
(Pic 2). This is my light primary, a stock retaliator with a custom stock/jolt, and paint job, it also has a 10 dart banana mag for looks( you could use any type of mag)
(Pic 3). These are my choices for secondary, all of them are modded. The hammershot or strongarm is a great choice for a light load out while a smaller pistol like the firestrike or sidestrike would be a great choice for a heavy load out (you would not use them very much).
(Pic 5). A sword is a good weapon for either a heavy or light load out. I would recommend a machete for a light load out because it is smaller. (Don't question the sword idea, you will never know when you need it).

Step 3: Gear

(Pic 1). A bandolier is great for any load out because you don't need to set your weapon down to use another one, just let it hang on your side or back.
(Pic 2). No explanation needed.
(Pic 3). This is a custom belt I made from a Nerf vortex belt and a fanny pack, (don't make fun of my fanny pack) the vortex mag holders on the belt fit my sword perfectly and the disk pouch holds a container with 18 darts in it. The fanny pack can hold a jolt and also contains another box with 12 extra darts in it. This belt is recommended for a heavy load out.
(Pic 4). This is the box that holds 18 darts in the vortex pouch.
(Pic 5). A mask can protect your eyes from speeding darts and protect your identity, it also looks cool.

Step 4: Thank You for Viewing! I Hope This Instructible Helped You Decide What You Want to Use for Your Next Nerf War!

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