Introduction: U.S.A. ( Ultimate Snacktime Awesomeness )

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This is my contribution to the US on their journey for the gold.

Step 1: What You Will Need

You will need:
1 tote
1 pack of raw sausages 
1 pack of bacon
2 whole salamis
3 cheese burgers... theres only two here because my roommate ate the third one.
2 corndogs
5 mini pizzas
13 pounds of nacho cheese
1 american flag
plastic wrap
1 shot glass
1 plate 
2 black olives
2 tooth picks
2 sticks 3'x 3/16" 
corn nuts
a butane blowtorch
 pack of paper plates
a drill and a drill bit a little bigger than the stick
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>FUN FACT: there are two kinds of gasses normally used with torches. one being mapp gas, usually in a yellow bottle.that one is full of mean chemicals, its used for plumbing due to its higher burning temp. butane is usually in a blue can and is perfectly safe for any food massacring you need to do..creme brule, and caramelized banana being a few.  

Step 2: Cutting the Cheese...

1. cut the cheese( pun intended) out in a pie shape for the mouth.
2. make four slices about half an inch in on all sides of the cheese.
3. stuff with corn nuts.
4. get toothpicks and place two tiny pieces for olive eyes and two bigger pieces on top to catch the bacon.
5. place in fridge for later

Step 3: Cook Pizzas

unwrap and cook pizzas by direction 

Step 4: Drill Plates for Foundation

1. you want the sticks to cross at about 16"
2. find the angles of the sticks and duplicate in the plates
3. go all the way through with the drill

Step 5: Sausage Legs

1. cut salami bottoms to angle of pizza
2. poke sticks through salami and then pull them back off

Step 6: Bacon and Corn Dogs

1.lay down a piece of plastic wrap for bacon
2. weave bacon start from top left corner and add slices alternating the top and left side 
3. put shotglass on plate and take bacon weave and lay it bacon side down on the plate with the shotglass
3. pull off plastic wrap and place in oven with corndogs.
4. cook corndogs using the directions and add 5 min put bacon plate in too and cook that until dark red

Step 7: Pizza Stab

1. let pizzas cool briefly and set them on top of the plates
2. take sticks and shove them through the bottom up through the pizzas 

Step 8: Making Feet

1. take sausages and mold them to look like feet then cook in pan
2. once done slide down sticks for the feet

Step 9: Construction

1. slide on feet
2. slide on salami
3. before sliding on the burgers make sticks perpendicular and then put burgers on
4. cut one of the sticks at the top of the last burger
5. then measure the stick you cut off to the length of the top cheeseburger, this stick will hold up the corndog arms so add an inch on each side of the stick. it should come out to be 7 or 8 in.
6. stick it through the burger horizontally and hang the corndogs so the breaded end acts as a hand
7. hang corndogs and stick american flag through one of the corndog hands and into the pizza
8. then place the head on 

Step 10: Bacon Hair

1.take bacon and fold in half then fold in half again. 
2. pinch top three layers of bacon and let the last one hang
3. the tree layers are going to be the top of the hair
4. hang on the tooth picks

Step 11: Nacho Cheese

dump both cans into the tote

Step 12: Construction Done Till Ready to Eat

1. place sculpture into cheese press firmly till plates hit bottom

Step 13: Coup De Grace

TORCH TIME !!!!!!!!!!
1. take off that beautiful red white and blue flag
2. light torch 
3. go back and forth with the torch until the whole head melts down
4. place bacon back on head and give it a little fire to heat it up.
5. put on giant plate 
6. tell everybody to wash their hands and dig in hands on.

Step 14: Go U.S.A.

We all know U.S.A. is gong to kick butt in the xxx olympics. Golds all around i hope.
Id also like to thank my friends that drove me around to get all this crazy stuff.
For those of you who attempt this good luck its quite rewarding at the end. Go AMERICA!!

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